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jenlyn_b's Journal

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
19 October
I'm a young adult writer/cognitive scientist/pop culture junkie. I'm told we're a rare breed, but I really think the movement is growing.

My first novel, GOLDEN, tells the story of a teenage aura seer dealing with the cliques at her new high school- and a supernatural mystery that just might be more deadly than the mean girls themselves. Its sequel, PLATINUM, follows the leader of the school's A-List, whose life is complicated by a newfound ability to see ghosts.

My second novel, TATTOO, centers on four best friends who apply a set of temporary tattoos that unbeknownst to them have a mystical origin. As a result, the girls develop supernatural powers and a destiny that involves taking down an ancient evil- before she can wreak havoc at their high school dance. The sequel (set two years later) is called FATE.

THE SQUAD series is sort of what you'd get if you mixed Charlie's Angels and Bring It On. When loner Toby Klein is recruited to the varsity cheerleading squad, she discovers that the cheerleaders are goverment operatives and that the squad is just a cover-up. Life as an anti-social blackbelt turned cheerleading secret agent is about to get interesting...


June 8, 2010: RAISED BY WOLVES is the story of a human teenager who's been raised since age five by a pack of werewolves. Part coming of age, part action adventure, with a side of supernatural romance.


I'm working on a variety of other projects. I could tell you about them, but then I'd have to kill you. :)

My other major passion is cognitive science, especially comparative cognition and evolutionary psychology. You can check out my psych research in journals like ANIMAL COGNITION, THE JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY, DEVELOPMENTAL SCIENCE, PLoS-1, BIOLOGY LETTERS, and AUTISM RESEARCH, and in books like the upcoming HANDBOOK OF PSYCHOLINGUISTICS. I mostly do work on child and primate cognition, so I get to spend a lot of my "spare" time in the field playing with lemurs and monkeys of all kinds. I do some work on object cognition, but my main area of interest is the phylogeny of social cognition, including understanding of intentions, agency, and animacy, Theory of Mind, and fun stuff like that. I spent my post-grad year on a Fulbright in England, where I did autism research with human adults. As of September 2007, I'm back at Yale for a PhD (5 long years, baby). Recently, I've just started to do work on the cognitive science of fiction.

Let's see... what else? I was a dancer for years and years, and I enjoy singing bad karaoke with anyone who can stand to listen to me sing. I really like candy with high sugar content and don't like chocolate. I was once a seat filler at the Teen Choice Awards and got to sit on the red carpet and look at the guy who played Dean on Gilmore Girls (aka Sam on Supernatural), who was really hot. I am certifiably addicted to teen television (R.I.P., WB!) and to comics (especially X-men and Runaways!), I love all things sci-fi, fantasy, and romance, and I'm easily distracted by shiny objects. I am obscenely lucky at getting good parking places, but have bad flip-flop mojo and often break them at inconvenient times and have to walk home barefoot. I read like nobody's business and can bang back TV shows on DVD like whoa. I'm older than I look, and I have really big hair.