Jennifer Lynn Barnes (jenlyn_b) wrote,
Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Tulsa Signing!

This Saturday, July 28th, I will be doing a book signing in Tulsa with Sarah Rees Brennan (THE DEMON'S LEXICON, TEAM HUMAN, UNSPOKEN) and Ally Carter (the Gallagher Girls series, HEIST SOCIETY).

Hijinks are guaranteed.

There is a plan afloat for Sarah to read from UNSPOKEN (out in September), for me to read from my upcoming assassin romance, NOBODY (out in January), and for Ally to read from PERFECT SCOUNDRELS (Heist Society #3, out in February). We will also be answering questions, and if you ask nicely, SRB might dispense valuable advice on how to keep badgers from breaking your legs.

More info here:

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