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Contest #5 Winner
The final contest entries definitely lived up to the first four! I am planning a collage of the pictures you guys sent in of the words “I was raised by wolves” written on your hands. I am still chuckling at “Chasing Cars with Werewolves” and “The Hills Are Alive With Werewolves” (not to mention “Love is a Battlefield with Werewolves), and it appears you all have a great assortment of knacks (and to the person who said they have a knack for eating Nutella with a spoon, I share that knack. It is one of my most finely honed skills).

Thanks for participating all week. I hope the contests were as fun for you as they were for me!

And without further ado, the winner of the last early TAKEN BY STORM copy is… Twitter user @AnahitMoumjian!

Email golden_or_non at yahoo dot com with your address to claim your prize.

And to everyone else… just ten days until release!