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Contest #5
We're down to eleven days until the release of TAKEN BY STORM... and to the last contest of the week! So far, these contests have brought a great deal of awesome into my life--like such classic book titles as "Harry Potter and the Werewolf's Stone" (via @writertessa and @pilesofbooks, among others) and "Snakes on a Werewolf" (via @The_Ceilidh).

And that's not even touching the Werewolf Food Pyramid.

So it was hard to come up with a final contest. And then I thought, "why pick just one?" And that leads me to the following...

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it...

Do any or all of the following.

If there's one challenge you particularly like, you can just do that one AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WOULD LIKE. Or you can try to do all of them. Or you can mix and match.


* Write the words "I was raised by wolves" on your hand and take a picture of it. Then upload the picture.

* Add the words "with werewolves" to the end of one or more song titles. (Such as the Taylor Swift classics "Fifteen with Werewolves" and "Tim McGraw with Werewolves," both of which probably would have been very different songs if they had been so named).

* Tell us which actors you would cast to play one (or more) of the Raised By Wolves characters.

*Recommend a song for a "Raised By Wolves" play list

*What would you look like if you were a werewolf? Describe your wolf self or link to a picture of a wolf that fits your mental image of werewolf-you.

*Draw a stick figure werewolf. (Or, if you would prefer, a stick figure adaptation of any scene in the first two books). Take a picture of your drawing (or upload it via whatever means you would prefer).

*Take a video of yourself howling.

*Finish the following: "I have a knack for [fill in your superpower here]." (For instance, I have a knack for sucking pens dry of ink the second I touch them).

*Fill in the following: "If you like Raised By Wolves, you should read [insert book recommendation]"

*Fill in the following "Forget about werewolves. I'm all about the were-[fill in animal of your choice]." (For example: Forget about werewolves. I'm all about the were-flamingo).


On twitter: tweet your entries and be sure to include the hashtag #TakenByStorm

On tumblr, reblog this post and add your entries (if you want to do separate posts for your entries, just reblog it multiple times).

On facebook or your blog (or wherever else you choose to play), link your entries to this contest and leave a comment on http://jenlyn_b.livejournal.com so that I can find them.

WHAT: A chance to win the last remaining finished copy of TAKEN BY STORM that we are giving out in advance of its release.

WHEN: From the moment this entry is posted and running until 11 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, May 11th

WHO: Anyone can play, but since the prizes are being provided by my US publisher, they can only be shipped to a US or Canadian address. (I know this is sad for international folks, but my hands are tied).

HOW MANY: Unlimited entries. One winner, to be announced sometime Friday night after the contest has closed.