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Taken By Storm: Contest #2
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…

Take a photo of your dog, cat, household pet, or stuffed animal next to a copy of RAISED BY WOLVES.

If you do not have a copy of the book, write the words “Raised By Wolves” on a sheet of paper (in whatever decorative fashion/color/etc that you like) and take a picture of dog/cat/pet/stuffed animal with that.


On twitter: tweet the photo and be sure to include the hashtag #TakenByStorm

On tumblr, reblog this post and add your entry.

On facebook or your blog (or wherever else you choose to play), link your entries to this contest and leave a comment on http://jenlyn_b.livejournal.com so that I can find them.

WHAT: A chance to win one of four remaining finished copies of TAKEN BY STORM that we are giving out in advance of its release.

WHEN: From the moment this entry is posted and running until 11 PM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, May 8th.

WHO: Anyone can play, but since the prizes are being provided by my US publisher, they can only be shipped to a US or Canadian address. (I know this is sad for international folks, but my hands are tied).

HOW MANY: One entry per dog/cat/household pet/stuffed animal, but no limit to the number of times an individual may enter DIFFERENT dogs/cats/household pets/stuffed animals. One winner, to be announced sometime Tuesday night after the contest has closed.

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Super fun contest! Here's my puppy reading: https://twitter.com/#!/yabooknerd/status/199942983267786752 (https://twitter.com/#!/yabooknerd/status/199942983267786752)
~ Jennifer from YA Book Nerd

Livejournal marks the comment as spam if i add a link so i think i will do this: 2-b-read.blogspot.com/2012/05/hey-guys-kait-here-with-from-mari-since DOT html

and if that doesnt work the blog is: 2-b-read DOT blogspot DOT com it should be the first post there

thank you so much for this contest Jen!


thanks jen!

for the specific post:


2-b-read DOT blogspot DOT com/2012/05/hey-guys-kait-here-with-from-mari-since DOT html

sorry for the format of the link. livejournal marks the comment a spam if i post the link. if this doesnt work this might:

2-b-read DOT blogspot DOT com

thanks so much for the contest

all my comments are marked as spam...what do i do?

I found them! And I will change the spam settings so it doesn't happen to anyone else...

thank you and sorry for all the entries...im not good with computers

No problem! Your pictures made me smile, big time. :)

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