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To celebrate the release of TRIAL BY FIRE (which you can pre-order here, here, or here), my publisher, Egmont USA, and I are offering readers a sneak peak into the book. Over the next few days, you'll be able to read the first four chapters of TRIAL BY FIRE on four different author blogs.

On Friday, Ally Carter will be hosting chapter one on her blog. Ally, in addition to being the person who locks me in a closet when I am on deadline and helps me find NYC donuts at midnight, is the author of the Gallagher Girls series, about girls who go to a boarding school for spies, and the Heist Society series, which is a teen Ocean's Eleven. Having read the second Heist Society book (UNCOMMON CRIMINALS, due out later this month), I can tell you that it's even better than the first one. Having been Ally's sounding board while she's been working on the fifth Gallagher Girls book, I can tell you that it is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

On Saturday, the indomitable Sarah Rees Brennan will host chapter two of TRIAL BY FIRE on her blog. I've made no secret of my love of Sarah's first two books, THE DEMON'S LEXICON and THE DEMON'S COVENANT. They were both among my top ten reads in the year they were released. Full of action, humor, shocking plot twists, and just plain darn good writing, these books are flat-out amazing. The third book, The Demon's Surrender, is due out the same day as TRIAL BY FIRE. To celebrate our mutual release day and the flames on our covers, SRB and I have been discussing lighting stuff aflame, much to the horror of everyone else on Twitter.

On Sunday, Carrie Ryan will host chapter three on her blog. Carrie is the author of THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH and THE DEAD-TOSSED WAVES. I don't know how she manages to do it, but somehow, she writes the zombie apocalypse in a way that is vivid, lush, romantic, and terrifying, all at once. Book three, The Dark and Hollow Places was out in March.

And finally, on Monday, Rachel Vincent will be hosting the fourth chapter of Trial By Fire on her blog. I first discovered Rachel through her adult werecat series, starting with STRAY. She's one of the reasons I fell in love with Weres in the first place and was a major inspiration as I was writing the Raised By Wolves series. She is also the author of the young adult SOUL SCREAMERS series, about a teenage banshee. As the series has progressed, Rachel has put the characters through hell (sometimes literally!) and the world of the books has exploded. You can check out the most recent entry into the series, MY SOUL TO STEAL, here.

Throughout the next few days, I'll be uploading this entry with links to the specific chapters as they go up. Thank you so much to everyone who's hosting!

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Trail by Fire

what is the website for the chapters after the first one?

I'm so excited for Trial by Fire, as soon as I finished Raised by wolves I knew it would be torture waiting for more!
I would love to win an a copy but I'm in Australia, haha, but I'll be waiting eagerly for it to come out here :)

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