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Raised By Wolves
Today is the official release day for RAISED BY WOLVES. I woke up this morning to a twitter-box full of messages, an inbox full of emails, and a bunch of google alerts about new blog reviews. I feel like it's my birthday or something. I've got butterflies in my stomach, and I kind of want to happy-cry, all of which is so surprising, because it's been a long time since I've felt this way about a release. I think part of it is because my publisher, the lovely Egmont USA, has been so supportive of the book, and part of it is because RAISED BY WOLVES was one of those "I always wanted to write a book like that" books for me. It was also an "I don't know if I can write a book like that" and a "well, I'm going to try, just for the fun of it and the sheer love of writing" book. And now it is REAL and there are BOOKS and the books are in STORES.


So what kind of book is Raised By Wolves? I'd call it coming of age-action adventure-urban fantasy-romance, and somehow, it has more of ALL of those elements than any of my previous books. It's the first book I've written that, while still having some lighter moments, has some darker ones, too. It's very much about family. And it's the first book for which I've really gotten to use my background as a psychology/animal cognition person! The animal behavior research appears in the book in obvious ways- pack hierarchy and structure, non-verbal communication, animal instincts- but I think the psychology half of things wormed its way in there, too, because the premise embodies the whole "nature versus nurture" debate. Bryn is human. She was raised by werewolves. As I wrote the book, I had to figure out which parts of her personality might be more wolf-like, just based on how she grew up, and which parts would be fully human, because that's the way she was born. The premise also let me write a girl who is objectively badass, but who lives around people who are so much stronger that she gets to be vulnerable, too.

In celebration of the release, I give you this Guest Post and these reviews!

"The mysteries of Bryn's identity should keep readers hooked, and there's plenty to discuss in terms of gender roles and Pack politics." - Kirkus Reviews

"Fascinating glimpses into pack family dynamics add depth and texture to this latest entry in the werewolf oeuvre... Barnes has produced an appealing addition to the ranks of contemporary fantasy-horror." - Booklist

"RAISED BY WOLVES is, quite simply, the most compelling YA werewolf book out there." - Melissa Marr, New York Times Bestselling Author of Wicked Lovely

"An action-packed, intense, romantic story...The mature sensibility in both the chemistry between characters and the action-driven plot make this book a crossover for adult paranormal readers, especially fans of adult books by Rachel Vincent, Patricia Briggs, and Kelley Armstrong." -Official Amazon.com Review (also written by Melissa)

To see what READERS are saying, check out these reviews on Good Reads!

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I remember when you started this book and spoke of it being the book of your heart. I'm thrilled that this day has arrived.

Happy release day!! Hearing GREAT things about your book, which must be so exciting for you!

Awesome! I'm gonna run and pick this and Sisters Red up today. It's kind of hilarious to me all three of us mid-20s former Verla's Chat visitors have a werewolf book out within six months of each other, but our takes are so different that I don't think it matters :)

Whoo! I absolutely adore werewolf mythos, and I love your books just as much, so a combination of the two is bound to be epically awesome. :D

Thats awesome, Jen!
I just ordered RAISED BY WOLVES on Amazon. I should be getting it in a day or two, and I'm psyched to read it! All the reviews have been nothing but great!
Love, Hannah

Hey, I was wondering: does Raised by Wolves have any romance in it??? I love alll your books, and I will for sure read this one even if it doesn't, I was just wondering. Because boys always make books more exciting :)



Raised By Wolves does have romance in it, but it's not a romance- meaning that there's a boy, and the main character, Bryn, has a really powerful connection to that boy, and there's definite heat and a pretty intense relationship there, but the book isn't ABOUT the two of them falling for each other; that's just one of the things that happens along the way. Hope this helps!

Other projects

Oh, I´m super excited to read RBW- it sounds like a really cool story and not just your run of the mill YA novel with paranormal creatures. Do you already know what your next published project is going to be or are you working on any manuscripts right now that might become published books in the future? Inquiring readers want to know! :)

Next published project will be TRIAL BY FIRE, which is a sequel to RAISED BY WOLVES. It comes out next summer. The next project after THAT will be a book called EVERY OTHER DAY, which is about a Buffy-style demon hunter whose powers only work every other day- leaving her vulnerable to the things she hunts on the off days. :)

I LOVE buffy! I just read your entrie about Emma the girl who played Anya going to be on Life unexpected. I can't wait. I love those shows!

wow! I just got it, can't wait to read it! You are such a great author I love all your books and have nearly all of them. Do you have some already started. What's your next novel going to be about?

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