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Good news!
Now that I've fulfilled my obligation to make good on my word and post Act Three of my adventures on Ally's recent tour, I feel like I can finally blog about something else without engendering blog-guilt (or being stoned by those of you waiting on A3). This is very liberating, because I have NEWS, and news is always best SHARED.

I'm very happy to announce that I've sold two more books to EgmontUSA, the lovely publisher of Raised By Wolves. One (the one I'm writing right now) is a direct sequel to Wolves, for which I can provide pretty much NO summary without spoiling the ending of the first book. All that I can tell you is that the working title (thought up, coincidentally enough, by Ally) is TRIAL BY FIRE, and it's full of love, betrayal, fight scenes, and werewolf politics. It's been fun returning to Bryn's world, and even though I'm only about three chapters into the book (and going pretty slowly), I'm getting really excited about the major plot developments in this book- and the degree to which readers will get to see a bit more of the wider world.

Writing sequels always comes with its own special challenges (topic for a future blog entry, I'm sure), but I'm just getting to the part now where new characters are showing up and things are getting very complicated, and as a writer, I love complications! And characters! No matter how challenging it gets, it's just so nice to return to a world I love this much. As some of you might remember, Raised By Wolves was, for a long time, known on this blog only as "love-book." At a time when I was really struggling as a writer to remember why I love doing what I do, RbW was the project that brought me back- I wrote it on spec for the sheer love of writing, and every single second of it was bliss. So getting to write a sequel is huge, and I continue to be so, so glad that I took the time in 2008 to write a book that was just for me, to recapture the joy of writing.

I'm also thrilled to continue working with the people at Egmont, who have been absolutely amazing and supportive and really seem to be going the extra mile for me and for Wolves.

In addition to Trial By Fire, I also signed on to do a new standalone. The working title is EVERY OTHER DAY, and it's about a teenage girl who's only human every other day, and who spends her non-human days as a super-powered demon hunter (whose achilles heel is, of course, the fact that every other day, she has no powers at all).

Here ends the good news post (part two forthcoming as soon as I get permission to share a few other cool things with you guys).

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I squeed when I saw this! :-) Now we've squeed for one another this week! Nice!

Major congrats, Jen!!

And major congrats right back to you! Mutual squeeing is much fun. :)

Congratulations, Jen! Both of the books sound fabulous!

Congratulations, Jen! I'm so happy for you! (And extra happy that my return to reading LJ regularly came before your announcement so I didn't miss it.)

Here are a few more squees for you! Congratulations!

Yay! I'm pretty excited to read Raised By Wolves (and sequel!) but mostly I feel compelled to comment to say that the concept of that stand-alone sounds AWESOME.


Please write one more The Squad book please that goes out with a big bang please there so good!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations! I love the sound of the Every Other Day story. Exciting news!

Yay, yay, yay!

Congratulations Jen!

Congratulations!! That's so awesome. I can't wait to read RBW!

Congrats! So excited to hear there will a sequel to Raised By Wolves. Melissa has been telling me how great RBW is while at the same time, refusing to share her copy (the evil b*$#! ;)

Delayed reply in the extreme, but if you would like to disable Melissa's ability to torture on this front, I could probably get someone at my publisher to send you a copy of Wolves. :)

I'd love to read it! It could be my reward once I finish this book, which right now I feel like might never happen, sigh.

You have my email address, right? Email me and I'll give you my address. Oh, don't text. My cell phone's broken.

Oh, and Every Other Day sounds awesome, too :D

Congrats! What happened to the series about the high school science student saving the world? Is there any chance of that one being published? And if not would you consider putting it online?

That stand-alone sounds AMAZING. And hurray for sequels! ~\o/~

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