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I'm a sleepy Jen today. I pulled an all-nighter last night working on these revisions, and limited myself to a three hour nap this afternoon. Needless to say, I should sleep well tonight! Now if I could just knock out a couple more chapters of revision first...

Anyway, I'm finally free to share some VERY exciting news with my blog readers, seeing as how I just got the uber official notice in my email (added onto the official notice, and the informal notice I'd already received- I'm a little paranoid about these things). Anyway, here goes my very exciting announcement: I have a future! Specifically, I have plans for next year- I was officially accepted to my first choice graduate school in the states and will be starting my Ph.D next year. The downside to this news is that if my football curse is still intact, in may be a long time before Yale beats Harvard again, because...


I'm so super psyched about this. At Yale, I'll be able to combine my interests from undergrad and my work at Cambridge this year, doing primate and infant cognition work AND continuing on with autism research. There aren't many places I could do this, and the researchers I'll get to work with are nothing short of amazing! I'm so excited to get started on becoming Dr. Jen (hee!), and I'm really looking forward to the research and to doing the whole TA thing. I'm a big fan of teaching. I'm even going to explore the possibility of possibly teaching a college seminar on teen lit while I'm there. Plus, I'll be just a short train ride outside of NYC, and will thus be able to go to readings, teen author drink night, and all that other crazy-cool stuff.

Today is a day of rejoicing. And sleepiness. And procrastinating about finishing these revisions. :)

Congrats Jen! I can't even imagine the drive and dedication you have. Way to go!



Congrats! It's utterly wonderful when you get exactly what you want and need. (And when the two align!) Best of luck in continuing your research!

WOO! Congratulations!!!!! :)

YAY! Happy dancing all around on Jen's behalf!

M (12) has snatched Tattoo right up, and will now have to battle her sister for reading rights, btw. Although we're still bummed about missing out on the tattoo decals.

I'm a little mystified about the fact that publishers do giveaways (like the tattoos) and bookstores don't ever order them. There was a giveaway with Golden, too, but the only place I ever saw one was with my signing. I guess it's inconvenient to order them, even though they're free, because then you have to DO something with them once they come in...

Hope there's no bloodshed in the battle for Tattoo- ;)

That's officially the neatest thing ever!!!! And "Dr. Barnes" sounds sooo awesome. I'm so jealous of the students who get to have you as their teacher!

Congratulations Jen! It's an exciting time to be involved in autism research. There's an interesting article about it today at yahoo. Click here if you want to see it.

High five!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm very happy for you!!!

WOW!!! Would you then be Dr. Jennifer Barnes on your book covers? That's so cool! Congrats on getting into the program you wanted. ;)

(Deleted comment)
The real question will be whether or not I'll be cooler than my brother (third year PhD student right now) and my sister-in-law (in her third year of med school). It'll be a battle for coolness among the Doctors Barnes- which is why I'm totally gonna be Dr. Jen instead!

How awesome! Congratulations, Jen!

My eyes got big when I saw autism research. I'm trying to find a university that offers a master's in special education, with an emphasis in autism studies. We should chat sometime about our autism research.:)

Definite chattage needed.

Congratulations! You are one smart cookie. I would not be at all surprised if you discovered a cure for autism while you're there.

Many congrats to you!!!!! Life has blessed you, and I can see you plan to give back to life--YOU ROCK!!!!!