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Taken By Storm: Contest #3
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…

Write a RAISED BY WOLVES themed haiku (5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables) about one or more of the RBW characters.

Like so…

Psychopath with fur
Dev’s brother, the predator
Hungry like the wolf

(In case you hadn’t guessed, that would be a haiku about Shay. I feel like Devon might find it therapeutic to write haikus about Shay and his lack of morals and horrible sense of fashion).


On twitter: tweet your entries and be sure to include the hashtag #TakenByStorm

On tumblr, reblog this post and add your entry.

On facebook or your blog (or wherever else you choose to play), link your entries to this contest and leave a comment on so that I can find them.

WHAT: A chance to win one of three remaining finished copies of TAKEN BY STORM that we are giving out in advance of its release.

WHEN: From the moment this entry is posted and running until 11 PM Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, May 9th.

WHO: Anyone can play, but since the prizes are being provided by my US publisher, they can only be shipped to a US or Canadian address. (I know this is sad for international folks, but my hands are tied).

HOW MANY: Unlimited entries. One winner, to be announced sometime Tuesday night after the contest has closed.

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Thanks so much for the giveaway!!/lindsey.wilson.1426?__user=100000116352436

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