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I squeed when I saw this! :-) Now we've squeed for one another this week! Nice!

Major congrats, Jen!!

And major congrats right back to you! Mutual squeeing is much fun. :)

Oh, congrats on the book deals! :D

Congratulations, Jen! Both of the books sound fabulous!

Congratulations, Jen! I'm so happy for you! (And extra happy that my return to reading LJ regularly came before your announcement so I didn't miss it.)

Here are a few more squees for you! Congratulations!

Yay! I'm pretty excited to read Raised By Wolves (and sequel!) but mostly I feel compelled to comment to say that the concept of that stand-alone sounds AWESOME.


Please write one more The Squad book please that goes out with a big bang please there so good!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations! I love the sound of the Every Other Day story. Exciting news!

Yay, yay, yay!

Congratulations Jen!

Congratulations!! That's so awesome. I can't wait to read RBW!

Congrats! So excited to hear there will a sequel to Raised By Wolves. Melissa has been telling me how great RBW is while at the same time, refusing to share her copy (the evil b*$#! ;)

Delayed reply in the extreme, but if you would like to disable Melissa's ability to torture on this front, I could probably get someone at my publisher to send you a copy of Wolves. :)

I'd love to read it! It could be my reward once I finish this book, which right now I feel like might never happen, sigh.

You have my email address, right? Email me and I'll give you my address. Oh, don't text. My cell phone's broken.

Oh, and Every Other Day sounds awesome, too :D

Congrats! What happened to the series about the high school science student saving the world? Is there any chance of that one being published? And if not would you consider putting it online?

That stand-alone sounds AMAZING. And hurray for sequels! ~\o/~

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